Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Head Wedding Guestbook

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This bourbon barrel head comes resurfaced smooth on 1 side to give a bright, clean, and flat surface for all your guests to sign. We leave the marked side in tact so that the back side always contains the barrel marks and stamps that make it unique. We coat the barrel head with a fixative that will help hold your signatures in place and prevent bleeding. We offer Pre-made design templates, but feel free to contact us, or, request a custom design if you have something else in mind. For that, we'd advise looking at our CUSTOM Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Heads. Each Barrel Head Order Includes: - Hanging Hardware to display you Barrel - Laser Engraved Design of your Choice - Clear Fixative coat to prevent your signatures from bleeding - Backing board to hold everything together - Clean, flat surface to sign - 100% authentic, Distillery used Barrel Head . Reverse side contains distillery batch markings. Each of our barrel heads is reclaimed from a Bourbon distillery in the Kentucky Bourbon Belt. - Measures 22" in diameter - 10-12lbs